Telling it like it is not

The ascendancy of Trumpmerica has brought about it a belief that we have entered a new era in American politics where a politician is no longer shackled by the rules of political correctness and will finally be willing to “tell it like it is”.

But is that what is actually happening here?  Or have people confused “telling it like it is” with “things I want to hear”?   Here is a simple test to determine the difference.

The next time you hear a politician say something and you think to yourself “That politician is telling it like it is” ask yourself these questions about his or her comments.

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Up First, Obamacare

So why dilly dally with the small stuff?  Let’s tackle one of the most controversial topics first.  I will likely do follow up blog posts on things like the myth of Repeal and Replace, how there is no such thing as state line restrictions on selling health insurance, and what can be done to fix our health care system, this entry is going to provide a simple description of what Obamacare really is.

There are few topics that have more misinformation thrown about than Obamacare.  It seems to me that most people really have no idea what it is and what it is not.  So let’s go over some of the facts and fiction.  Hopefully this information can help some people deal with the nonsense that constantly thrown their way regarding this complicated topic.

Let’s start with the fiction.

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