The end of Obamacare, or not.

So the 115th Congress was sworn in this week.  And with the new Congress, and in two weeks the new President, brings about a time where Republicans will be finally able to do all the things they have said they want to do.  Building walls, raising tariffs, getting rid of environmental regulations are all high up on their list.    However there is one issue that trumps them all, the Affordable Care Act, or Obamacare.

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Hello, blog

So after years of saying I was going to do this I am finally going to do it.   I am finally starting my own political blog.

For those looking back on this post let me explain what I am going to be doing here.  I am NOT going to a cheerleader blog for any political party.  While I am decidedly liberal in my political outlook I also realize that we need conservatives to balance out public policy.  When you start cheerleading you can’t help but attack the other side.

Having said that I freely admit I will likely be more critical of the right than the left.  IMO, the current American right is deeply troubled.  It has lost its moors and is set adrift in a sea of ugly nationalism and know nothingness.

This blog will be designed primarily for me to write about common myths usually, but not always, perpetuated by the American right.    I plan to write some modestly detailed blog entries on Obamacare, the various Hillary Clinton scandals, tax policy and trade policy in the near term.

Let’s see how it goes from there.

I hope I am able to provide some useful insight for others down the road.  Especially the people that are often confused about what our actual policies are because politicians and their political operatives intentionally confuse us.